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Have your health insurance costs increased in 2014?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jan-10-14 12:14 PM

My deductible has also increased by $1,000.

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Jan-10-14 5:37 PM

Welcome to the club.

Hopefully, you will have enough to pay the increase after your tickt to dine at the 50 year gala - if not spend less for fun.

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Jan-11-14 11:10 AM

Premium has gone up, which it does most years. Co-pays for almost all procedures except a routine office visit have gone up a lot(25-50%) which doesn't often happen. Co-pay increases in past years have been rare and generally about $5 instead of $25-50 more.

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Jan-12-14 6:33 PM

Not to worry Obama will save us all.

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Jan-12-14 7:08 PM

One More Time !

The CURRENT form of the ACA, is a completed document conforming to the demands of

the rich,

the republicans,

their corporations, and

their businesses.

This document GREW, from a

paltry 2,700 pages under the Obama administration,

to a document

more than 34,000 pages….

at the heavily lobbied insistence and from the PEN(s) and thinking of

- the republicans

- the u.s. chamber of commerce

- the american legislative exchange council

- the tea party

- citizens united,

- american’s for prosperity

- the heritage foundation,

- america’s PAC,

- the Koch brothers,

- their corporations and businesses and, regrettably,



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Jan-12-14 7:11 PM

With a little time

- less than it takes you to smoke a toke,

you could educate yourselves about what was originally proposed by the Obama administration

in the way of healthcare ‘insurance’ reform.

As you put it, “Obama will save us.”

Unfortunately, what you and the country is experiencing in the way of health insurance and its cost,

is being foisted on the American public by the insurance companies,

and not president Obama or his administration.

The plan for healthcare insurance, as originally proposed by the Obama administration,

cut to the bone,

Insurance Companies Profits or their ability to continue and deceive the public,

that the pig they were selling us,

was ‘healthcare insurance’,

when in realty it was designed to be a scheme for making money

for the rich and their insurance companies.

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Jan-13-14 4:23 AM

conned certain 54,


will save us from the Republicans?

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Jan-13-14 9:24 AM

frogleggs: What color is the sky in your world?

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Jan-13-14 10:02 AM

Would not the 'press' find it constructive to ask the question:

has your insurance coverage changed for the new year?

we all know and understand that most insurances' cost rise, gas prices rise, taxes rise (for workers), cable tv prices increase with decreasing service, and newsworthy 'information' at the press decreases....

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Jan-13-14 1:08 PM



Nearly the same color as yours put not as pronounced!

Mellow-yellow with a taint of rose-color.

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Jan-14-14 11:26 AM

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Jan-17-14 11:39 AM

Mine stayed the same for now. In 2017 mine will go up 70% for premiums and I don't know what will happen with co-pays and deductibles.

Reality is this. The government has stated that the average increase in costs will be 50% across the board. that includes everyone over time. Eventually all insured will be forced into the exchange system at higher costs. That is the choice people have. Pay more, and if you can afford to pay more, pay the fine.. er.. tax.

I don't expent Obama Care to be around in 2017. Obama Care will fizzle out this year. Sign ups are low and the scheduled cancellations of tens of millions more policies this year will force that law out of existence.

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Jan-18-14 10:54 AM

Once equilibrium is attained, and third party payers are taken out of the game,

healthcare providers would be forced to charging a fee that their customers could afford, OR





The healthcare market, in the words

of the rich,

republicans, and

their corporations would be self-regulating,

as allan greenspan and Russian born, girlfriend Ayn Rand would have exclaimed, in another world...

Laissez Faire for one and all !

It’s the “rational“, traditional,

American Free-Enterprise System of MARKETS,

that calls the "shots"

FOR everyone, except the rich.

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Jan-18-14 10:54 AM

Where once, providers had to deal with individual payers, providers now deal with anonymous, faceless payers, and feel free to charge whatever the insurance industry will stand to pay out.

Obviously, the corollary is Lloyds of London, and the multiplicity of risk sharing, that could afford to pay out huge, for the time, claims.

Clearly, there is NO insurer of “last resort” that exists today, to pay the every increasing payouts for health care.

Certainly, a modern healthcare insurance entity, similar to Lloyds of London is needed for today’s healthcare industry, or revert to healthcare paid directly by the recipient to the provider.

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Jan-18-14 10:55 AM

What matters, more than anything else ?

Is that given the free-reign of health insurance companies, and the free-reign of health providers to digitally, and uniformly. increase prices with the click of a mouse button,

there is instantly and uniform ally increases in prices throughout the provider network only differentiated by individual costs and the various providers and added onto the base.

Health insurance has been a economically and profitable, beneficial cocktail for both insureres and providers.

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Jan-21-14 1:38 PM

Has it snowed out in 2014 ?

Has it snowed more in 2014 ?

Have you spent more for fuel in 2014 ?

Have you spent more for gasoline in 2014 ?

Has your furnace fuel cost more in 2014 ?

Has the cost of propane increased in 2014 ?

Cheezie, wheezy,

Isn’t there a warm body at the press that can pose a better poll question?

Like reading tea-leaves,

my depends show more indication of intelligent reading,

than the poll question and the answers to such a bogus press poll question impart.

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Jan-21-14 1:40 PM

One more time. . .

“Why in the world would anyone ask this stupid question,

“has your health insurance costs increased in 2014.” ?

It’s no different than asking if it’s

colder outside ?

Colder inside ?

Has the sun shine increased in 2014 ?

Has the sun shine less in 2014 ?

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Jan-27-14 9:14 PM

Yes, it has gone up, I expected the premium to increase. What I did not expect was to lose my ploacy and replace it with one that covers less for more. The ACA is simple math, you can't spend more than you make. People who work for a living are going to have to work harder for less. There are a few things in the ACA that were well needed. But for me it has been a disaster, if anyone knows how to score a waiver I'm all ears.

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Feb-06-14 8:59 AM


the question should be asked:

What hasn’t gone up in price for you this year,

last year, and

the year before?

Surely, the question could have been asked:

Have your food cost’s gone up for 2014 ?

Have your food cost’s gone up for 2013, etc.,

ad-nauseum ?

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Feb-06-14 5:37 PM

So, no Obamacare, no problems? Seriously?

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Feb-06-14 9:54 PM

What the Hey? That is not the question. The question is I can now have insurance, because the health insurance industry can not black ball you if you have a pre-existing illness. The other good side is now anyone can get insurance and doesn't have to stay on one job just for the health insurance. You can buy your own insurance and go get a job, and work where the*****ever you want. whiteagle38

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Feb-10-14 10:37 PM

Bohn’er seems to have


that it was




in the insurance industry were the very people responsible for what we have today in the ACA,

namely 34,000 pages of twisted jargon that

firmly insures increases in insurance company profits!

How convenient.

Now he’s not blaming his very friends that were responsible for writing and crafting the ACA,


rather, the democrats!

When will republican snake’s cease to speak out of both sides of their reptilian mouth’s.


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Feb-10-14 10:39 PM

Bohn’er said that Obama’s original concept would not fly,

until he and his republican buddies,

and rich insurance companies had

their say with


the so-called NEW and IMPROVED,


which his buddies,

would encourage American's to finally buy!

Available at your favorite website

with 31,300 ADDITIONAL NEW PAGES OF mumble - jumble,

only a REPUBLICAN CORPORATIONs and their owners could never object to!

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Feb-10-14 10:42 PM

IMPORTANTLY - Obama’s original proposal

cut out the rich and their companies from selling

bogus policies, and allow every person to be able to buy healthcare insurance - removed from the ties to the workplace, and transportable to any job, no job!

BUT, really what should have happened,


health insurance should have been remanded out of the realm of


for the rich and their corporations…

and the whole healthcare idea should have been NATIONALIZED,

just like collecting taxes !

Imagine, if you will

if the republicans and their companies could be in charge of setting tax rates and

collecting them as well !

Doesn’t make sense for that to fly!

But, they would certainly favor such an idea!

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Feb-10-14 10:44 PM

Today, republican bone.head bohn’er,

is telling the public

that the Affordable Healthcare Act - MUST GO !

What the hey?

President Obama’s first healthcare reform proposal was

merely 2,700 pages in length.

He and his buddies, extended the orginal proposal to 34,000 pages!

No wonder NANCY PELOSI was quoted as saying:

"the only way we will ever know what's in there - is to PASS IT" !

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