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Should the price of hunting and fishing licenses be increased to raise funds for outdoors programs?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Aug-04-13 12:28 PM


The question of THINKING about what a poll question should ask...

is far too complex for the daily press staff....


"should DATA be funded with another round of taxation?"




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Jul-12-13 8:18 PM

Whiz, dispense with the disparaging remarks and insults. They're getting old.

You started throwing out the names and disparaging remarks in your first comment on this thread so don't try to act all high and mighty.

I said nothing about you prior to your comment and certainly didn't start throwing insults back at you. All I did was ask a question which you've never answered.

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Jul-12-13 3:01 PM

Twit Vuache

Twit 06john,

You twit’s could sure be full of yourselves,

if you didn’t have one (ass****)

you’d have brown eyes, ears, nose and throats as well !

So, using disparaging comments about my anatomy, may indeed backfire, and who nose who would be able to soon detect what you both have for brains, and are ‘full of’, without one . . .

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Jul-12-13 8:26 AM

Whiz and Chez,

Looks as though Woshe, and john006, those two boys are at the top of their IQ game.

They may even be from the same relative genius dna.

“Tipical” sport-men !

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Jul-11-13 9:24 PM

f a r t

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Jul-11-13 9:23 PM

vauche, Dont't waste your breath on Whiz-his-pants he can not answer a simple question, he is like a*****you can't see him but you can smell him.

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Jul-11-13 12:16 AM

Oh, whizzy. Sounds like someone needs a nap. Give one reason why license fees should be raised in your opinion. Do you have one/any?

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Jul-10-13 10:33 AM

like you, and john, another nameless twit ....

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Jul-10-13 10:32 AM














What are you trying to say...

just saying you haven't said anything intelligent ///


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Jul-09-13 6:29 PM

Whiz, do you disagree with any of the statements posted on here about if the rates should be raised? Do you have something to contribute? Any rational thought? An opinion?


Are you just into calling names because you can't figure out what the posts are about? I can't call it a discussion or debate due to the lack of an opposing argument.

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Jul-09-13 10:23 AM


i, too wish to be added to Your List of Nameless Nobody's,

who as you,

'hide' by their adopted pseudonyms,

as do you, you phony nameless twit.

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Jul-08-13 9:11 PM

Whiz-his-pants - it is good you have a back up as a comedian as you are a real funny guy in more ways than one.

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Jul-08-13 11:25 AM

"they - they - they"

"liberals say this, they say that..."

typical 'sportman" "baiting" and waiting types, that eminates from their pie-holes spewing c.r.ap. a bunch of

"sports" can't muster...

Well, well...

There must be some truth about the rising from the dead, at least three of you proved that death isn't forever...

I had thought you girls/boys had gone to your just desserts, but

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Jul-05-13 11:26 PM

Cheeseballs, What ever nameless nobody, If you cheeseballs, or should I say Girl are so opinionated use your real name. Pretty easy to make (statments), when you don't use your real name. nameless nobody!

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Jul-03-13 11:55 PM

if you 'boy's'

had "anything" on the ball...

you could at least get her another job,

and from her new sources of revenue,

she would no doubt give you fine 'men' and part with enough money that you need to get out of her sight for weekends, vacations, and holidays, and a rest as well ?

This they say, is a 'win-win' situation !

yeah for the little woman, keep her out of the kitchen, laundry room, darning and sewing, baking cookies, washing windows, and cleaning up after you,

giv'er a break, giver her a vacation, with a little work to fill up her spare time when you are away...

being a "sportsman"

with all of your toys for boys, while the little lady does without in your den

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Jul-03-13 2:39 PM

Cheese, the only whining I hear going on is yours. Something about you paying for my hobby and how I should stop living off the backs of others.

Again it cost you nothing for me to go hunt and I pay my license fees without complain. Where's the whine there?

Secondly you are obviously a sexist pig as many, many woman go out hunting and fishing. Some even go with their spouses. Oh dear God, how can that be?

So how about you stop YOUR whining and go talk to your wife (difficult to imagine a woman could stomach you based on what you say really) about better things for you to do than making a fool of yourself posting on something you know very, very little about.

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Jul-02-13 11:14 PM

Cheeseballs, get real what woman can save money. I'm sure your wife tells you what to do.

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Jul-02-13 7:24 PM

vucchie and johnnycakes,

pay up, pay often..

quit your childlike whining and bable.

Pay you takes, pay your fees, otherwise, let the government disavow your hobbie, and cancel everything to endow your maxculinity nuttttt.

Take up a new hobby, give your significant other a list of things to do for you,

manage her time better and you could probably coxa some money from her to pay your fees and taxes?

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Jun-30-13 10:57 PM

The all almighty Cheeseballs, speaks again of his all knowing knowledge. The hunter's and fisherman are paying enough you idiot! The fish out of lake Michigan is not worth paying for a license anyway.

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Jun-30-13 1:10 PM

Cheese, what does it cost you for me to go out into the woods and hunt on land that I own?

You pay nothing for my hobby other than regular taxes that all citizens pay (well those that pay taxes, another story). So don't give me the "off the backs of others". You know nothing.

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Jun-30-13 8:12 AM


and the rest of you whiners,

cough of the cash, otherwise stay home.

The question is why are you so unwilling to pay for your play?

Fees, taxes, and the price of everything goes up every day,

why should you live off the backs of everyone else,

pay up, i say !

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Jun-25-13 9:30 AM

Cheese, I pay my license fees and pay them willingly. That isn't the question here. We are talking about if they should be raised NOT if there should be any fee at all. Hard to follow I know.

You know little and say less other than snide remarks and condescending comments you can barely make a complete comprehensive sentence so cut the "Your dumb", "I'm smarter than everone" stance and provide a solid reason as to why they should be raised other than you think they should because.......WHAT, you pay for you hobby?

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Jun-25-13 7:24 AM


Even with a holy head, I’ve got more going there with more completed synapse interconnections than you with your unholed head.

Since you seem to know about heads, cheese, and such, let’s say you are a blockhead,

Thousands of dollars to spend on toys and equipment, but nary a dime for a fine or for the license fee.

Pay you fees, play with your toys, quit you whining or stay at home and whine to your wife …

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Jun-24-13 7:13 PM

Mr Swiss Cheesehead picked the right name for himself, His Head Is Full of large Hole's.

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Jun-24-13 11:41 AM


According to popular polls and reports, Cheezehead has AT LEAST one iota more intelligence than you...

Enough said !

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