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796 days ago.
by verbalkint

Basic Marine

200 feet of lakefront property going to Basic Marine. No way! We could use this city property for the good of the city folk. Not for Dan Kobasic and his cronies. Look what he did about that rusting hulk of an ore boat for us to look at for a long time before being moved. Just look what he has done around the city property he purchased for 1$ along 1st avenue north. From all sides, the place looks like a junkyard. We the people of Escanaba deserve to have the Planning Commission and the City Council look after OUR interests! No more giveaways. The shoreline property is too valuable to let go.


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The acre that Basic Marine wants will not create any new jobs,as they say. The word is out! They want it because it separates Basic property from Dan Kobasics new house project by the jail.It has nothing to do with the new dock project in the News. The city council will give it away and the properties in the industrial park by the airport are $14,000 for a comparable size lot? Why are our neighboring cities growing and we aren't? It's obvious.

Posted 796 days ago.


A waterfront parcel for a dollar? I'll give you twice that..two dollars. Why hasn't the city taken bids for these properties? What good have all of the tax abatements and giveaways to Basic Marine done over the years? How many jobs did they create over time? Have any major improvements been done for growth? How can this acre of shoreline create 20 to 25 jobs? They should have 100 workers there. The number of vehicles that are parked there are few. Big talk but no results. I hope the planners keep the property as it abuts the jail property. The long term plan should be for a shoreline area, and turn the jail property into something like a farmers market or a pavilion setting. Is the DDA involved? There is a better future for this area than what is being considered.

Posted 827 days ago.

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