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970 days ago.
by PoonyDizzle

New Parts store next to the newer parts store?

I would love to hear the true story behind this.. I am all for new Business in this town, but trying to sabotage hard working good people in this town I am not a fan of.. I will never step foot in that new store with that sort of principle in the planning.. A hardworking citizen of this town..


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The market research in this endeavor shows that no one is buying new vehicles, they are maintaining their 10 t 15 year old vehicle, thus the boom in the auto parts industry. Putting them all close together is pretty effing stupid though.

Posted 970 days ago.


Exactly.. Three chunks of good places for business to the people stopping through. They are surely not gonna need to hit up the parts store on Lincoln... Child's play.. Surely you can't tell me don't have enough auto stores between Esky and Gladstone and we needed to add three more..

Posted 1086 days ago.


According to Carl Levin, 09-24-13:

We have plenty of legitimate disagreements in Washington.

But all of us should be able to agree that these offshore tax loopholes are unfair.

All of us should see the opportunity before us:

to end these gimmicks,

relieve our economy of the burden of sequestration, and

relieve our families and small businesses from the tax burden a handful of

large, profitable companies have dumped on them [the rest of us].

Once again, the rich, the republicans and their corporations, their bank accounts,

and non-payment of taxes are gaming the rest of us, and forcing us to pay their share of the bill to run this country.

Posted 1129 days ago.


Obviously, VD, you don't understand the way people

with money,

with their own rules to abide by, and

with the ability to present their slate of candidates for us to vote for...

obviously, you don't understand how they think, and what their motives are...

The rich, the republicans, and their corporations,

don't care what we want...

ONLY, what they want.

They own the game,

they make the rules,

they determine who plays, and who doesn't,

they get the profits to hide overseas, so there is no possibility they'll have to support the country...

after all, they form multi-national corporations to insure a positive outcome, for income.

Posted 1130 days ago.


Yeah, what a horrible way to utilize a good piece of property. The colors look really bad too. Orange & red do not go together. I would have liked to see something like a nice franchise restaurant or basically just about anything else show up on that property.

Posted 1135 days ago.

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