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970 days ago.
by PoonyDizzle

White Kids

So what's up with all these kids/young adults I see walking around trying to act "hard?" I see these guys storming around all day like they're on some kind of war path. They make me nervous, with their awesome jeans with the sweet dragons on the back pockets. Seriously, act like a normal person. Sideways flat brim hats with the stolen BMX bikes. Grow up. And do you really have to be lighting up another cigarette as you're taking your final 1/2" drag off your previous cig? There's a serious lack of class in this town. Get classy, or get out. Spoken.


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Smoking a lot is now a sign of being well to do. Only someone who has made good financial decisions can now afford to smoke, and those who smoke a lot show their stature as a wealthy individual. Potential mates will be attracted to someone who behaves in this fashion.

Posted 970 days ago.

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