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869 days ago.
by frogleggs
Comments to "Letters to the Editor"

Posts: 6 - Contraception and candidates April 25 2012 Floyd, I to try to vote for the best candidate, but not at the cost of my religious beliefs.

Stay out of the Passing lane with your slow a**

Posts: 0 - Police should start ticketing people who refuse to move to the slow lane when a car is waiting to pas.

1473 days ago.
by ofcourse

Posts: 0 - What is your stand on Tipping? For me, if I order a "tossed Salad" I expect to get a "tossed salad" not a bowl of chopped lettuce, with NOTHING on it, not a thing but...

1499 days ago.
by jonathan2340
New Television guide

Posts: 0 - It is very difficult to read the guide since you have changed to the miniscule print. My eyes are 66 years old and need a very powerful magnifying glass to see what is on when.

1720 days ago.
by MisterDizzle

Posts: 0 - I think they should pick up recycling more often. I barely have garbage anymore since I started recycling.

1720 days ago.
by MisterDizzle
Snow Removal

Posts: 0 - Is there a city ordinance that pertains to how quickly sidewalks need to be cleared? The conditions are horrendous and we haven't even had much snow yet.

1786 days ago.
by YouGottaBeKidding
Awful Drivers

Posts: 0 - As someone who has moved here recently from Wisconsin, I am appalled at how people up here use the roundabout on Stephenson Ave.

New Post Office

Posts: 0 - There is a new post office in: Tokyo, Oklahoma 73088