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The Occupy Wall Street movement

November 2, 2011
Daily Press


While watching the Occupy Wall Street movement on TV, I was interested in the diversity in the signs people were carrying; i.e. We are the 99 percent, The banks were bailed out, we were sold out, Stop these wars, We need jobs - now, etc. I guess if you were going to sum up what the protesters - and probably what much of the United States people - are saying is that we want our government to start acting like it was designed to act: to work for the good of the people and not that of mega corporations, banks and arms dealers.

Since the advent of the Patriot Act and Citizens United, our status as free, voting U.S. citizens has eroded. When your door can be booted in for virtually any concocted reason and government offices go to the highest bidder, our government is no longer acting in our interest, but in the interest of the oligarchy that runs the country. When lobbyists can sit in on government committees and design the laws for their benefit, when we fight dreadful wars against religious factions that only a few years before were our allies, does not one have to ask the question why?

I am writing this because there are two DVDs I believe every American should watch: "Why we fight", and "Inside Job." And if you want a little bedtime reading, read John Perkins book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine, and Naomi Wolf's End of America. Then you will see what the Occupy Wall Street people see - the stark reality of where we are. Eisenhower's warning has come true: "Beware of the Military-Industrial Complex." But he never envisioned the insatiable greed and moral and ethical bankruptcy of unregulated financial institutions and Wall Street.

Gerry Nelson

Bark River



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