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Local school board members deserve thanks

January 21, 2011
Daily Press

Wanted: Persons concerned about the education, well-being, and futures of our children. The ideal candidate must spend long hours pursuing these goals for little or no compensation. Attendance at numerous meetings is required. The candidate must be able to make tough decisions that impact students and their families. The candidate will receive little praise and sometimes much criticism for doing so. The candidate will be held accountable by everyone.

Sound like a tough job? It is.

These are some of the duties and responsibilities that our local school board members take on when they are elected for office. The office of school board member is a worthy effort taken on by some of the most community-minded people in our area. January is School Board Recognition Month, and it's a good opportunity to reflect on the service and sacrifice these men and women undertake for the benefit of the area's children.

Recent times have not been the best for our school districts. They are faced with what seems like a never-ending financial crisis and the continuous uncertainty of how much state funding will be available to keep local schools operating. Hard decisions had to be made - cuts, layoffs, much needed projects and repairs put on hold... the list goes on.

School board members have been on the front lines in these difficult times. They are the ones who have had to make the tough decisions while keeping the interests of the area's children in the forefront. It is not an easy task, and is often unappreciated and criticized.

Their leadership, though, is needed in these tough times - and should be appreciated and recognized. Throughout today's Daily Press, you will find ads honoring the service of local school board members.

Area school board members are also listed below. Take a minute today to appreciate the work they do and thank them personally if you have the chance. They deserve it.

Local school board members are:

BARK RIVER-HARRIS: Barry Frisk, Bernadette Haeusler, Tom Lanaville, Jeanne Lippens, Dan Peterson, Jodi Ray, Wayne Stenberg

BIG BAY DE NOC: Carol Dalgord, John Denholm, Dustin Denkins, Jon Haindl, Ann Harrington, Craig Knudson, Mark Martin

DELTA-SCHOOLCRAFT ISD: Erik Bessonen, Chris Gonyea, Jon Haindl, Christine Lundin, Lou Maniaci, Mary Simonsen, Bonnie Wenick-Kutz

ESCANABA: Willard M. Carne, Nicole Dewar, James L. Hermans, Cory Kuchenberg, Joseph Mileski, Gary Seehafer, Cathy Wilson

GLADSTONE: Paul Capodilupo, Jeffrey Deacon, Linda Howlett, Bill Milligan, Gloria McDonnell, Ryan Lyle, Stephen O'Driscoll

MANISTIQUE: Mark Giannunzio, Daryl Lawrence, Ingmar Levin, Robyn Loviska, Giannine Perigo, Ginger Stark, Gail Wood

MID PENINSULA: Jennifer Bagwell, Delores Englund, Forrest Hill, Kay Holm, Cheryl Patrick, Dale Schneider, Bob VanDamme

NORTH CENTRAL: Raymond Luft, Connie Marsicek, Larry Moilanen, Nick Pipkorn, Loni Triest, John Veraghen, Nancy Whitens

RAPID RIVER: Cara Brockway, Ryan Bruursema, Edwin LaCosse, Sally Guay, Karen Lindquist, Roxanne Soderstrom, Larry Sundling

NAH TAH WAHSH PSA: Donna Boda, Rose Gill, Crystal Lea, Stephanie Philemon, Connee Sagataw, Marilyn Shawano, Geneva Wandahsega, Debra Williams, Mary Little-Winberg



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