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GOP bill may thwart minimum wage proposal

May 10, 2014

LANSING (AP) — A top Republican lawmaker’s proposal that would increase Michigan’s hourly minimum wage to $8.15 in September could thwart a current ballot drive to gradually raise it to 10.10 by 2017....

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May-19-14 7:58 PM

So the rich and republicans are trying to make an end run around the new minimum wage bill, by repealing an old minimum wage bill !

“Richardville's bill, however, would repeal the existing minimum wage law - which sets the minimum at $7.40 - and enact a new one, potentially rendering the ballot initiative moot because it would amend current law.”

Tricks, schemes, lies, all ties that bind shysters together.

So, let them make an end run around the law.

Then as working for wages citizens, we should file a class action civil lawsuit agains all employers,

to regain retroactively, lost wages under the new law, and sue for damages and interest as well.

Remarkable how greed and the need to keep more money for themselves, will turn some people into,


Tricks, schemes, lies, all ties that bind shysters together .. .

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May-13-14 5:10 PM


roughly the top half of the top 1%, control nearly 61% of the GDP of the U.S.

and the amount these people CONTROL


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May-13-14 9:04 AM

Min wage wasn't and isn't intended to support a family. And some do sit there not wanting to move forward. But as those of you that decry the dems and entitlement need to look at the problem and history of what the GOP has done. Over the past 6 decades, the rich have become a larger part of the economy. 6 decades ago the top 1% of the wealthy held about 5% of money in the US. Today the top 1% of the wealthy hold about 20% of the money in the US. See the problem??? And along the same time the average american wages have dropped significantly. Look it up. While our great nerd has said he has created jobs, which is true, guess where those jobs were created? Yup, fast food chains and low end jobs, many of which are minimum wage. So, the GOP of MI has created low end and paying jobs and now want to keep those jobs wages low....hmmmm.

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May-12-14 9:31 PM

Republicans and the rich are only in the game to insure one thing, profits!

No thought about anyone else . . .

Some people on the minimum wage plan never get to see cola increases for inflation, as do some who are quick to criticize ...

The fact remains, for the past 40 or more years inflation has averaged nearly 5%.

If you haven't got a five percent increase in wages over the last 40 years, someone has been taking advantage of you, and you don't have the sense to notice.

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May-12-14 4:36 PM

If "Majority" votes on such a bill - why are we arguing about it being introduced by GOP or DEMS? Folks get all upset when a bill is present that might help 'ease' our way out of this TOTAL DISASTER of a Financial Situation we are in.. Well, only those addicted to "Handouts" and the "NO work Paycheck"

I feel terrible for the guy or gal who thinks their (less than $10.00) job is their CAREER - I see them sitting there WAITING for someone to GIVE them a BETTER PAYING JOB..

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May-11-14 7:52 PM

What is the reason for having a "minimum wage" ?

To starve, to exist on foodstamps, medicaid and charity?

Clearly, some mentality exists that feels it's ok to pay nothing for their units of labor and let them eat crumbs from their table.

What party best exemplifies this spirit to the hilt

but the GOP,

that Guardian Of Profits,

that Grand Ole Party

the party of choice for the rich,

for their businesses and

for their corporations

for nothing other

than for their profits!

What then if you profess like republican hopeful, Herman Cain, successfully lobbied to keep restaurant workers indentured for $2.12 per hour for the LAST 22 YEARS

is the reason for paying people any money at all?

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May-11-14 4:51 PM

Minimum wage was never intended to be for jobs that support families. Minimum wage is for entry-level jobs. If you can't work your way up to something more than minimum even without a degree, then it's generally your own fault. Education and/or technical training are key; learn a valuable skill and people will pay you for it. But other skills are key, such as showing up when you are scheduled to work, working a full shift, working hard, and being willing to put in extra hours. Many these days (and I'm not just talking kids just out of high school either) don't have these basic skills and just don't care. They want someone to hand them whatever they think they are entitled to.

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May-10-14 5:47 PM

clearly, your willingness to die for your party says more than any thought of educating yourself about the





the rich, their Republican Party, their businesses, their corporations, their lobbyists, their congress, their politicians and their TWO TRILLION DOLLARS in profits they are sitting on

Entitlement Mentality?

Who's getting rich off Entitlement Mentality, not the poor, not the middle class, not you firepants,


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May-10-14 5:45 PM

And before you start I don't mean paying a fast food employee 15.00 an hr the same as a Police Officer or Firefighter.I started out with a low paying job 38 yrs ago and managed to work out a decent living without goverment assistance even when times we're tough.Don't ever remember saying the goverment owes me.

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May-10-14 5:34 PM

You guys kill me.The entitlement attitude instead of the I'll better myself attitude is incredible.Wake up and smell the roses or you will lose whatever jobs are left.Only a lefty would expect the Goverment to hold their hands.And by the way count how many Senators and Congressmen are rich you'll find more are your precious Dems.

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May-10-14 4:52 PM


Meaningless !

The rich and the republicans have a too good to be true - good thing going for them !

They expect POTENTIAL WORKERS to pay nearly 1/4 MILLION DOLLARS for an education . . .

And then they tell us they'll only pay enough money - that entitles us to get food stamps and medicaid!


- that they have AND ARE SITTING on more than



SURE - they off-shore their money, our jobs, and then have the unmitigated gall, to say they NEED YET MORE MONEY

- to create a ROBUST ECONOMY and jobs ?


there is always people who have cr.ap in their head for brains

and will believe this excrement.

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May-10-14 3:38 PM

People working minimum wage need an education not a pay increase. If you want more money go to school and then you will earn it like many of us have.

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May-10-14 11:29 AM

Hard to believe the GOP would strike down something that would aid people!? (insert sarcasm)

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May-10-14 12:16 AM

This plain and simple is not right! 10.00 dollars/hr is still poverty, lets get it so people can live, not exist!

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