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Public input added to farmers market plans

April 17, 2014

ESCANABA — Plans for a new farmers market in Escanaba — which would also serve as a community gathering place — continue to be developed as public input is incorporated into the design....

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May-04-14 7:14 PM

Brie Brain, only you were the one taken to the cleaners, but, obviously, there's so many nits in your wit that it is impossible to find them all. You think you are sharp, but you're just moldy. You're more fermunda than cheddar. Alas, poor Yorek.

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May-04-14 12:43 PM


I have to agree, hole-heartedly with EVERYTHING YOU said,

except for one sentence, that being:

“You couldn't be more wrong.”

I thought I was wrong once, and nearly convinced myself that I had made a mistake,

and was about to admit same.

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May-04-14 12:42 PM

However upon careful scrutiny and review, discovered possibly that i had been wrong about my thought of being wrong, and therefore had nothing of the sort to recant.

"Mr. Muenster, evil, pompous, triad, buffoons, TeteFromage, etc.,"

a banal, mediocre, dim, uninspired person has to love these words.

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May-04-14 12:41 PM

Your friend who supplied these word’s for you, no doubt received their education

from some on-line school of for profit school of mis-education.

And will be the first to admit, that i, you, and the rest of the middle and poor class have been taken to the cleaners …

Thank you for the moniker of ms. Muenster, but I strongly protest your pedestrian taste.

I prefer to think my taste more like that of the rich, pompous, buffoons, evil triads as you call them,

Republicans, their businesses and their corporations

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May-04-14 12:37 PM

Perhaps you should elevate your intellect along and your taste, even if you could,

with a suggested taste test of the following, but not limited to,

before you accuse someone of being a mere prosaic cheesehead,

like yourself and your taste,

with a tiny taste from the following cheeses for a tiny head:

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May-04-14 12:36 PM

Bridgid's Abbey,

Bloomsday, Aged Bloomsday,

Dairyere, Hooligan,

Despearado, Drunken Hooligan,

Drunk Monk, Fromage ’O’Cow,

Rappleree, Dutch Farmstead and

its cousin, Black’s Landing,

Vivace, Bivace Bambino

Vivace Bambino, Molto Vivace,

Rush Creek Reserve, Parmigian-Reggiano-Italy,

Ossau-Iraty vieille France,

Jasper Hill Winnimere,

Comte-France, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar Cabot,

Kunki Nettle Meadow Farm,

Rogue River Blue-Rogue Creamery,

Pleasant Ridge Reserve,

to name a few less pedestrian cheeses and tastes than your boring muenster .

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May-02-14 11:19 PM

You couldn't be more wrong, Mr. Muenster. Your evil pompous triad of buffoons have nothing on anyone here, save for wasting bits and bytes with your endless rants that have nothing to do with whatever it is you think you're commenting on. So I give you credit for staying somewhat on topic. But your lack of insight and failure to give a good verbal bum strapping by someone else to you is truly sad. Admit when you've been taken to the cleaners, TeteFromage.

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May-02-14 8:28 PM


I give you much credit .

For knowing a person who knew about the existence of the word blather.

They must be close enough to have written your response for you too.

At least the people you paid homage to, and obviously admire have the sense for originality, a trait you obviously drew the shortest straw from your gene pool.

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May-02-14 2:58 PM

They could add one of those fairway games. The one where some fool sits on a stool over a tub of water and you throw stuff at them and if you hit them they fall into the water. Cheesebrain, Witless and Frogface could be the idiots sitting on the stool, ranting and raving their mindless blather. I'm sure there's be lines of people waiting to throw stuff at them, even at $5 a pop. And that would work nicely into the vegetable theme, also.

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May-02-14 8:58 AM

Here’s a thought.


Should be located

where else:



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May-02-14 8:57 AM

They grounds have the SPACE,

farmers would benefit by

THOUSANDS OF CARS of traffic going by each day.

There is room to expand

There is room to park

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May-02-14 8:57 AM

There is a ready made hall for

weddings, parties, and funeral space for newly groomed grooms . . .

The area has a containment fence that could serve a duality of roles:

to keep the scores of riff-raff from getting in, and

to keep the scores of riff-raff from getting out.

City police, sheriff and the state police could conduct breathalyzer tests before letting anyone out.

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Apr-25-14 4:06 PM

If you heat air hot enough it will produce steam.

If you heat hot enough it will burn, and it too will produce steam.

And if you heat garbage hot enough it will, burn and it too will produce STEAM.

Now then,

if steam is all you need to produce electricity...

Escanaban's should be able to get electricity for next to nothing . ..

because of the local quantities


hot air



to make electricity cheap!

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Apr-17-14 8:32 PM

The press headline reads:

“Public input added to farmers market plans”

From experience, when the cheezies want stakeholder input, and over the years, the cheezies do dam.n well what they please and dance the two-step side-step around any stakeholder ideas.

So, why bother ?

Grow vegetables?

Who will guard them from hungry people?

Drive down Ludington Street today, how did that roller-coaster ride feel ?

DDA, fix the main street first ?

City, fix the main street first or last ?

Both of you, are doing nothing but letting the street rot,

patched, but rotting regardless.

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Apr-17-14 12:54 PM

I personally think it sounds forward looking and an interesting idea! Hope it works!

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Apr-17-14 12:47 PM

“There will be a nice green space area there and a place for people to rest” When I was a teen if we sat on a bench or "rested" along Ludington street the local merchants would have public safety harass us and tell us to "move along". I remember the DDA calling us "gangs". Flash forward 20 years. I am now in my 30's with a well paying job. Do I shop downtown where we were chased away?*****NO! You reap what you sow Escanaba

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Apr-17-14 11:01 AM

I think the state of Michigan is excited about it," commented DDA Director Ed Legault after Wednesday's meeting.

I can not believe Legault could make such a stupid statement!!

This guy must think he is someone real special!! Well he must be he has the State of Michigan all excited about his vegetable stand!!!

Maybe the governor will come for the grand opening,and the people of the city will name the building "eddies veggies stand" in honor of Mr. Legault!!

Seriously people what is the matter with these idiots?? By the time this thing is built the cost may go over a million bucks!!!

Can"t these fools take off their blinders and take a close look at the downtown area? There are buildings falling apart, there are empty buildings all over main street. The roads in Escanaba are in bad shape!!

Speaking of roads, I think they better widen Main Street, because the state of Michigan is all excited about eddies veggie stand, and the traffic is going to be fierce!!

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