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Manistique backs city ambulance

January 28, 2014

MANISTIQUE — It was standing room only in the Manistique City Council Chambers Monday night as residents weighed in on the future of the city’s ambulance services....

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Jan-31-14 1:53 PM

There are instances where a paramedic would be able to provide more intensive care to the individual, and there are times when an emt specialist is 100% as qualified to respond to the individual in need. The big difference involves a cardiac patient. While the specialist can do cpr, and use an aed "defibrillator" and place a stable airway, the paramedic can use a monitor and shock while monitoring, and can place a permanent airway. So they can both shock, perform cpr and place and airway. The paramedic can infuse iv caridac medications, while the specialist can also give sublinqual nitro "used in cardiac conditons". And start and iv and give fluids. I guess what I am saying is that I think both can offer quality care in a cardiac situation, with the paramedic being more advanced in the care they can offer. But as we are constantly told, the most important thing in a code is quality compressions and ventilations. 'This is what has been proven to save lives. And both

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Jan-31-14 1:45 PM

First off I want to say that the picture posted of the new service in the advisor is very disturbing to me. It states above the ambulance "Call 341-0911". I think this should be retracted as I can imagine the confusion this may cause with people thinking they need to call this number for an ambulance. I am not saying this was intentional but it could cause people to bypass the 911 they need to call for help. Along with this I need to add that it is very easy to steer the public, especially when they don't have medical knowledge, and the comments made at the city council by a paramedic would really have people confused. I want to say that in no way can a paramedic do everything a doctor can do. Granted they are more skilled in life saving techniques than an emt specialist, but it needs to be clarified what the difference is in the 2 professions.

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Jan-30-14 12:29 PM

WOW, after spending much time talking with some locals employed at SMH and trusted family who reside in Inwood Twp can someone tell me what is going on at Schoolcraft Memorial?? SMH staff wonder whey the Medical Control Coordinator can spend so much time becoming and maintaining his paramedic status during SMH time? He seems to have been given some blank check of power around the hospital, most believe it was awarded by the Medical Control Director himself. Employees speak of situations where he has had the opportunity to choose which EMS service gets to transfer patients from SMH, picking services he is affiliated with. WHAT? Who is running this hospital, our community hospital? My family in Inwood Twp explained that medical control has recently informed them that they will shut them down if they have anymore problems staffing their service. Coinciendly this occurred on the heals of Rapid Response 1 surfacing, suspicious. Smells of an inside job, secure EMS for $$$.

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Jan-30-14 11:10 AM are spot on in your comments. Last Fall, Manistique EMS tried to work with Med Control to get a paramedic class for their staff and Med Control told them to wait until SMH's new CEO came and got settled in. In the meantime, this new company got started, and the Med control coordinator at SMH started to recruit SMH staff to work for them. Conflict of interest? I think so.

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Jan-30-14 9:03 AM

FACT: Unger has a deep belly button

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Jan-30-14 8:32 AM

FACT: Mr Keskimaki did not own Mediride in Mqt, but he certainly was a past employee, along with other services. I don't know his motivation for bringing ALS locally, but the advertisements "sound" good. My travels have allowed me to learn about this individual's past EMS life. Maybe less time should be spent mud slinging about licensure but more on history. 50+ yrs of dedicated advancements in EMS or short intermittent bursts of EMS involvement clouded by "documented" controversy, that is no "lay".FACT: The city has proven to be fiscally responsible with operations. Showing in the black for many years now, they have yet to "open" a new city department to help one that is "struggling". That makes NO sense at all.FACT: Research trumps opinions every time.Banking should not be run on friendship when statistics don't "lay". I encourage you to speak w/ your local healthcare professionals and those in the true know. Past practi

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Jan-30-14 8:18 AM

PART2 FACT: Mstq has been advancing their service for many years. I assisted in training their personnel in the late 90s when they VOLUNTARILY became EMT-Specialist. Most recently I had the pleasure again to assist with another waive of employees who trained VOLUNTARILY to advance their license from EMTB to EMT-Specialist. Keeping in mind the next step in licensure is Paramedic. I believe this is a very responsible approach to becoming ALS. It helps the staff build their skills and does not tax the EMS agency's budget.FACT: Yes after 50+ yrs of service a service agency will get criticism, especially on "response times". McDonald's opened up 73yrs ago and they still make me wait sometimes. It only bothers me when Im anxious and hungry though, so time does not stand still?

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Jan-30-14 7:54 AM

PART1 I have had the pleasure of working in healthcare for many years, this also gave me an opportunity to work in different areas before settling in Mstq. Sorry this is in parts, but this issue is LARGER than most realize. This EMS issue needs to be built on FACTS not opinions or even misleading advertising.FACT: Mstq EMS has been working on ALS for several years with no cooperation from our local medical control(MC).I have watched our MC undermine and block efforts for Mstq EMS to become ALS. MC actually demanded some years ago that the city "give over" the ambulance service to SMH. When both the city & SMH declined this request SMH's own Medical Control Coordinator(Unger) actively went out and tried to bring in outside agencies(Portage&Alger EMS)in an effort to replace Mstq EMS. Going ALS is difficult but with cooperation it could have been in Schoolcraft county years ago. This very same employee now was discovered recruiting for Keskimaki-Baker EMS. Who does h

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Jan-28-14 4:45 PM

I believe the citizens are not getting both sides of this story. They are only getting the cities side. The citizens need to know that the information being presented by the city is not accurate. Yes, the EMS service thus far has provided the city of Manistique ambulance service but because it wa the ONLY one! Now that another business wants to come into Manistique all of a sudden the city is in a rush to get ALS and pass an ordinance? They are not putting citizens first as they claim. They are more worried about money. It is nobody's business but the business owner how much he is going to pay his employees, how many ambulances he has, etc. This business owner did NOT run the business in Marquette he was just an employee. Get your facts straight! It is just sad that they are trying to refuse a business from coming into the area. This person did do his research and if he felt there was not a need he would not have opened the business, let alone get the loan do it.

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Jan-28-14 4:07 PM

Plenty of complaints get around. Not saying I am for the new service. But Manistique has been behind the 8 ball. Inadequate staffing, no Advanced medics for calls, lights and siren for EVERY transfer including non emergent BLS ones. The list could go on. Dont get me wrong, they do good, but also sometimes you have to look at setbacks to improve.

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Jan-28-14 3:52 PM

What many are missing is that the past Ambulance service this man ran in Marquette closed its doors due to financial problems. Also note Rampart EMS in Delta County is struggling financially. Rapid response one will likely be out of business with in 6 months. Leaving the City of Manistique and Inwood Township EMS with no EMS service left to put back in service. Remember all the good will and freebies Manistique and Inwood do now. Rapid Response one will be sending you to collection if you don't have the money to pay them. Also on a side note public safety would likely have to lay off officers which would mean we would not have 24 hour Fire, EMS or Police in the City of Manistique. This man cause them to call an officer in like happens in other areas. You don't hear complaints about Manistique EMS. That's a fact.

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Jan-28-14 11:47 AM

This meeting was a true example of GOOD government. It showed that professionals do the research and HONESTLY deliver the facts, not just rely on false accusations and scare tactics. IF this new service does open up I hope they hire outside of their own circle, because so far all we have seen is questionable business tactics and angry representatives. I feel this is far from over, please let the residents of Schoolcraft county realize that integrity trumps greed any day!!

And for you Mr. Rubick, shame on you for what you do to represent Paramedics; arrogance, lying and general discontent. Hope he is a friend and not employee of this proposed EMS service, scary.

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Jan-28-14 11:46 AM

Why are they worrying about Advanced Life Support now? honestly, if this new service would not have put the pressure on, MPS would not have done anything about advanced life support. ALS is not a new concept, it has been around for years. Being the county seat, it makes you think they would have attained it in the early 80s

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Jan-28-14 10:59 AM

This only makes sense as the City EMS do provide great service, along with the many volunteer providers and responders in the outlying communities

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