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City still waiting for power plant sale

November 22, 2013

ESCANABA — Escanaba City continues to wait for its power plant to sell as the buyer presses on to secure funding for the purchase and renovation of the facility....

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Jan-03-14 7:45 PM

It's Friday, January 3rd, 2014.

Wouldn't you think the "press" would have made a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION, to vow to keep the masses "informed" of this important city, council, advisory groups' exper decision to sell a plant that has no one with cash to "buy" OUR PLANT?

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Nov-24-13 1:44 PM


I’m almost 100% in agreement

with your statement …


'City Manager'!

I am not ready to concede that Mr. O’toole is a clown….

I’d rather say,

he has his plate-full,

trying to follow the wisdom of, and

organize your words:

‘council of clowns‘.

I don’t think the council intended to fill the role of ‘clown’

when they ‘ran’ for city council,

but instead, we tend to view in hindsight,

their antics,

as sad comedy...

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Nov-24-13 1:42 PM


Insert these two words to follow your word



To rewrite your sentence:

We all know the citizens of Escanaba are dense for putting up with a less then stellar


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Nov-24-13 1:41 PM

In fact,

FOR YEARS Escanaba Voters,

keep voting in a bunch of


for their city council…


our city council’s intentions were ‘well intentioned’...

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Nov-24-13 1:39 PM


the sale of OUR POWER PLANT has produced many studies, and many words, it’s hard to believe that “selling the power plant” was the ONLY SINGULAR OPTION,

when in point of fact there are power plants using singularly or in combination fuels:



natural and

coal products as fuel sources…

Somewhere, we know, that there are cities where they have turned to

reducing garbage to steam, sometimes more-often involving co-generation and sale of two products,

steam and electricity…

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Nov-24-13 1:37 PM

WE KNOW - one thing…

As a nation,

the government was wrong,

to believe that THE NATION could SHUT-DOWN 50% of it’s energy producing power plants because they rely on coal.

Here is a a fifth-grader’s view of what types of fuel are used to produce electricity in the U.S.:

Coal 50%

Nuclear 19%

Natural gas 18%

Hydroelectric 7%

Petroleum 3%

Other Sources 3%

Of course,

Nuclear based fuel sources for electricity

is the most expensive, and

is detrimental to future life on earth as we humans know it today

Probably, our city council’s intentions are ‘well intentioned’,

but their outcomes are more in the line of


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Nov-24-13 12:14 PM

Sometimes I think the citizens of Escanaba are a little dense for putting up with a less then stellar city manager!! In fact they keep voting in a bunch of clowns on their city council! The more things change in Escanaba the more they stay the same!! How long will it be before they change the way cars park on Main Street again??

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Nov-24-13 8:18 AM

If you think about it something sounds fishy.

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Nov-22-13 4:26 PM

I am conflated as most over this issue…

But, I’m not as inflated, as smarti’s m.ass.

According to Boyle’s law, if you continually add mass,

while failing to reduce mass or exhaust gas,

gas will expand and sooner or later there’s going to be one he.ll of an stink explosion.

Question what gas are you producing the most of which consists in the main of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and methane of course sulfur gasses

which are all explosive under the right conditions, and will soon separate you from the m.asses.

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Nov-22-13 4:24 PM

Gas is air that enters in the digestive tract when filing your pie-hole

— through the tube that extends from the mouth to the anus, where the movement of muscles, along with the release of hormones and enzymes,

allows for the digestion of food.

Gas leaves the body through the mouth or pass gas through the

Gas is primarily composed of carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and sometimes methane.

Flatus, gas passed through the anus, may also contain small amounts of gasses that contain sulfur.

Flatus that contains more sulfur gasses has more odor.

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Nov-22-13 4:23 PM

Everyone has gas,

some more than others for no obvious reason…

Most gases are equalized in nature.

But people think that because they may not pass gas often enough,

that they have too much gas, and

therefore, will according to Boyle’s Law…

be a danger to themselves or to their surroundings,

and fear the area should be evacuated pending an imminent eminent explosion

either out of the mouth or,

which may or not be detrimental to society.

Smartithan me - you’re definitely a gas

and are reaching the point were your supply of gas is expanding


and are in danger of heating up and thus exploding,

endangering society.

Now smarti,


is a real life

mass of gas

leaving a state of homeostatis and entering a state of imbalance, and instability,

or near a state of

imminent, eminent



conflation conflagration…

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Nov-22-13 2:56 PM

How in the heck can you try to conflate issues with the ACA with the ongoing issues with the power plant sale? Sour grapes all around?

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Nov-22-13 2:25 PM

Much like Obamacare, this Albatross roosts right at the doorstep of this City Council - It's only been two years since EGE has 'tried' to buy the plant using funds it doesn't have, yet... here I see they are 'borrowing' to 'borrow' - Already OWE for delaying the sale.. in which we've given them extension after extension.. and we're 'WAITING'..

Meanwhile, let's be honest here.. the difference between running the plant or buying juice and what the City 'sells' it for is 'their' PROFIT Margin.. So, we're really talking about a Council trying to MAXIMIZE it's profit while unloading the responsibility to provide..

Why then haven't the rates gone DOWN as promised? Me thinks, like the WATER bill, it had to be raised cause folks were NOT using it as much, thus the City wasn't making as much MONEY!

Profit, it's all about MONEY - I remember I voted "NO" both times, and "NO" every time before that!.. I sleep easy..

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