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How Obamacare will hurt Delta County

November 5, 2013

WASHINGTON — The relationship doctors develop with their patients can last a lifetime, extend to entire families, and last for generations....

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Dec-28-13 11:42 AM

SnowFlake, SnowBall, Rose-bud, levi, et al,

"I am 50 years old and there is no one who will hire me and work around the hours I work,

no one around Escanaba does."

You should,

first of all,

ask yourself, why you aren't hired?

Why are there no jobs around where you can find employment,

let alone decent employment that will sustain a decent standard of living?

You, yourself, and the myriads of people who voted for Regan, Clinton, George W., the republicans in state and federal office, and the republican governors,

can blame yourselves for the paucity of jobs in the u.s. that pay decent life and living sustaining employment.

These people, have put themselves, their party, their corporations and their bank accounts first.

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Dec-28-13 11:39 AM

The likes of the u.s. chamber of commerce, john engler of the national manufacturers association and

his brain-child, the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC,

have all given foreign workers jobs that could employ legal, u.s. citizens in this country.

These people,

the rich,

republicans and democrats,

their corporations found it “profitable” in the short-run

to “out-source” your job and your source of employment.


yourself and your friends for voting them into office.

They are the handmaidens, the puppets for

the republicans,

the rich, and

their corporations.

Left to these people,

you would not EVEN have the chance or opportunity to purchase


unless it was offered by your employer,

who you say you haven’t had for years.


blame yourselves,

not the people who want to better the lot of

real taxpayers and u.s. citizens.

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Dec-28-13 11:19 AM

Snowflake, rose h., Levi69, et al.,

Folks, you don’t know or understand what you are talking about when you refer to the

Affordable Healthcare Act,

as “Obamacare”.


- that YOU, YOU, YOU,

and all the rest of legal, wage-earning, taxpaying citizens are being gamed by the TWO-PARTY SYSTEM,

the rich,

the republicans,

their corporations, and

their media ..

First, and foremost.

There is NO FREE Lunch!

The ACA is NOT


O’bama is NOT THE AUTHOR OF THIS ACT or the resulting LAW.

What you and the rest of the naysayers believe or say is

“Obama-Care” is NOT

in any way, shape or form

THE RESULT of what Obama’s original,

intended manifestation of health-care REFORM,

was all about!

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Dec-28-13 11:13 AM

The CURRENT form of the ACA,

is a completed document conforming to the demands of

the rich,

the republicans,

their corporations, and

their businesses.

This document GREW, from a

paltry 2,700 pages under the Obama administration,

to a document more than 34,000 pages….

at the heavily lobbied insistence and from the PEN(s) and thinking of

- the republicans, - the u.s. chamber of commerce, - the american legislative exchange council, - the tea party, - citizens united, - american’s for prosperity - america’s PAC, - the Koch brothers, - their corporations and businesses and, regrettably,



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Dec-14-13 5:35 AM

But as it is, the person whose home I live in, is retiring real soon. I have to find a place! I can picture what my future is right now. I will be forced out on the street, I will have to sell my car to pay my bills, when I do that I will lose my source of income, I will die out on the streets because everything is taken away from those that just want to live. I am 50 years old and there is no one who will hire me and work around the hours I work, no one around Escanaba does. Am I gonna be able to afford this insurance,*****no!!! Mr. Obama, what are you trying to do to us and your country. I wish you could walk in our shoes and understand, but of course, you are different than the average person trying to make a living, you will be taken care of when you leave your nice home, you will have the money to feed your family and give them the best healthcare. But what about me?? Am I not important enough? I am guessing not!!!

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Dec-14-13 5:29 AM

Oh and for those who may comment that I should get a job, I do have a part-time/fulltime job. Hours vary from 30 to 40 hours. This is the first job in my 30 years of looking for jobs, and 6 years of education in college, where I work that many hours. I am NOT offered healthcare. Right now I am covered under hospital assistance, because according to my income which was partial in 2012, I am fully covered. This has given me a chance to fix a knee that needed replacing, the physical therapy to recover, and the best part, the ability to continue to work at my job. I pay for gas, but I do get a small stipend for gas, but it's not enough to cover how much I use in a two week period. I am living with a friend, who graciously has allowed me to stay in the home and I clean the home, when I am not working and I pay for my own bills. I cannot even afford a place of my own! I think that those Obama-heads ought to have thought up something better.

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Dec-14-13 12:35 AM

I don't care what anyone else says, OBAMACARE will hurt the low and extremely low income people, which includes alot of Delta County and the Upper Peninsula! I went on Obama's "SITE", and signed up to see what choices I had. The lowest one I could find for me is at almost $300 a month, for just me, no one else. How the heck am I suppose to afford that, along with my car payment and car insurance, my cell phone (which by the way is the lowest I can get and I need it for work)! Now what is gonna happen to me? I am gonna have to pay a "penalty" for not getting the crap! I don't think it's fair whatsoever, to the low and lower income people in the U.S. If they would make it more "affordable" and maybe take a bit out of each check each month (say about 10 or 15 dollars) I could afford it, but $300 a month for just one person? Thank heavens I don't have any kids below the age of 18 or I would be screwed, I take that back,I already am! Obama can take it and shov

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Dec-07-13 6:05 AM



- I haven’t heard about your claim as written November 22, 2013 here, below:

“Have you heard how many of the large hospitals in this country are being eliminated from health care plans across the country?

Hospitals like

John Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic

are now no longer in networks on many medical plans.

Does this sound like improved quality Cheese? “

Cheese says to Vuache:


Evidently, you must have thunk such words were significant??


- as it stands, nothing but drool out of that pie-whole person...

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Dec-07-13 6:02 AM


Your statement lacks any investment or visage of debatable logic…

Thus, a reasonably intelligent answer,

requires that you verify and cite your source…

To do otherwise,

is just another environmental hazard...

pie-hole run-off.

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Dec-07-13 6:01 AM

1) prove your statement by indicating source(s)

If they are being “eliminated” from health care plans,

it would most certainly suggest that the insurance companny's

“plan” is substandard, and

does not meet the new criteria and is the reason for the elimination.


- its largely meaningless…

because, the main factor regarding insurance coverage is one simple fact:


will pay doctors, clinics and hospitals,

REGARDLESS of whether they are “included” in an insurance company (so-called) “network”.

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Dec-07-13 5:56 AM

“In-Network” or


has, from its inception, been the sole creation by insurance companies as a means to exclude insurance company pay-outs,

because a doctor,

a hospital, or

a clinic,

would not subscribe to a lower payment for their services.

The whole networking concept is an anachronism,

an albatross

(like your thinking)

held over and around the necks of those who need medical care.

It was, just another reason, in a long laundry list of reasons

why insurance companies would not have to pay an insurance claim.

“ENLIGHTENED“, credible insurance coverage providers, today,


as long as the doctor, clinic or hospital will


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Dec-07-13 5:52 AM

2) The ACA has instituted new rules regarding payment to hospitals

- indeed the ACA calls for stopping payments to hospitals for one reason:

PAYMENT’S formerly paid to hospitals and clinics…


NOW DIRECTED AND PAID TO THE insured directly.

So, your claim that large hospitals, and other organizations is thus NULLIFIED,

because these entities have been eliminated in favor of paying the insured directly.


For your





tuition and intuition,

enlist someone higher up on the food-chain-brain chain, to mentor,

help you read,

comprehend and in a scholarly fashion

examine the basis and basics of the ACA.

Forget the term ‘Obamacare’

it is demeaning of self,

it insults what little you have of it…

scholarly pursuit, examination and...

that very rare quality

intelligence & common sense.

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Dec-04-13 3:41 PM

As Brave said Sparty, those things are nice, but not free. And quite honestly at 26 years old that child of yours should have a job and his own insurance and not mooching of mom and dad.

Also, for those few "benefits" what are the risk to the economy and country?

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Dec-04-13 1:46 PM

All those benefits of Obamacare sound great, and I agree that making sure people can't be denied coverage based on pre-existing conditions is the compassionate thing to do. But here's the problem: Someone has to pay for it. I do not like having to pay for other people's bad choices, but someone has to pay for covering people who are obese, smokers, etc., whose poor choices have caused them to need a high level of care. An accident or genetic condition, or a chronic illness, is one thing. I agree those people need coverage, and while I don't like being forced to subsidize it I guess I have no choice. But if someone smokes, drinks, has their rear end glued to the couch all the time, and eats junk, why do I have to pay for it? Obamacare only works if enough healthy people sign up so they can subsidize the rest of the population.

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Dec-04-13 11:03 AM


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Dec-04-13 11:00 AM

Eliminates lifetime limits on essential medical expenses;

Prohibits insurers from dropping your coverage or raising your premiums if you get sick — or from denying coverage if you have a preexisting condition;

Ensures that your child can stay on your health plan until age 26;

Caps annual out-of-pocket medical and drug expenses up to an estimated $6,400 for individuals and $12,800 for families.

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Dec-04-13 8:18 AM

Ah whiz, you are delightful and I do appreciate your concern about my bodily functions.

Again though you fail to offer any evidence that would make one believe Obamacare will be beneficial. I assure you my bodily functions in no way affect the effect Obamacare will have on Delta County.

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Dec-03-13 11:44 PM

dingle, berry,

Don’t cast dispersions of aspersions and stones in the direction of senility and the senile.


you will have your day in the sun, if you are lucky.

In my deepest depths of organismal senescence as well as cellular senescence…

i still posses a degreed retention of critical facility and faculty to arrive at a level of intellectual cognition,

that is at once,

both qualitatively and quantitatively,


beyond your wildest dreams,

expectations, or

eventual likelihood of anything resembling spontaneous fruition...

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Dec-03-13 11:43 PM

Speaking of spontaneity…

perhaps it wouldn’t be wise to be down-wind of you,

as the only thing you are capable, if spontaneous fruition were likely happen,

is your production of flatulence from constituencies in combination or separately

from the food you ingest and

the length of time it takes the stomach and intestines to digest,

and with

the ultimate arrival at the lower sphincter(s),

of carbon dioxide,

hydrogen sulfide,


oxygen and methane

which may contain mixtures in varying amounts …


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Dec-03-13 11:40 PM

I’m not that old fhart that you may wish I were, butt,

at least MY flatulence doesn't impair or compromise

my cognition,

as cannot be said in the same degree for you…

I have medication.

What is it that you are

or are not taking that imparts serious impairment

of any reasonable cognitive utterances from that pie-hole,

which for the most part would serve you better,

eliminated from the lower sphincter,

where untold sorts of dingleberries

gather and flower to fruition?

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Dec-03-13 7:45 PM

Of course you don't buy my version Whiz, you're either a communist or a senile old man who realizes he failed in life and has to blame anybody but himself to make his miserable existance tolerable.

Either that or someone in your life has failed miserably and you can't accept that under your tutelage they are an abject failure so therefore someone other than you is to blame.

You don't like freedom, you can't handle freedom, you certainly can't handle others doing better in life than you, and you for sure think the world would be great if everyone in this world had the same amount of everything provided for them ...... by whom I wonder?

What I say is true of your rantings so it's no stretch that one who relied on you for an education and work ethic did not get drive to succeed. All you would have taught them is the fact that they are breathing entitles them to everything everybody else has, regardless of the work they put in.

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Dec-03-13 4:43 PM


i like berries, many types in fact.

did someone say 'dingleberry'?

Well, I'm not buying your versions, and certainly,

only if they were from the rear ends of copiously kept cavit monkies...

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Dec-02-13 2:32 PM

The ACLU, a liberal group mind you, has done more to erode America's civil liberties than any organization. In almost all cases they fight to cease some form of expression, usually religious. Why? Some athiest is offend.

Stores now proudly proclaim happy holidays and not Merry Christmas. Why? An athiest may be offended. Never mind that there wouldn't be "Happy Holidays" if not for that religious holiday, Christmas.

So you can blindly attack the rich and their profits. You can denounce all conservatives and many republicans but I ask, what have they taken from you? What freedom, what right have they taken from you?

Now I'll grant you, the republicans today are less than stellar folks. Most conservatives would call them democrat lights and while it may seem contrary I'm not particularly happy with them either. However in the face of outright lies and misportrayals of who is actually eroding our freedoms I will defend the conservatives.

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Dec-02-13 2:16 PM

Here's the result of your fable under Obamacare.

The wife still dies cause the farmer can't afford the premiums or deductible and further no-one gets fed because the animals were slaughtered months ago because the farmer and his wife couldn't afford the feed to keep the animals alive.

So yeah, Cheese, you are right to a point. Anytime the government infringes upon the freedoms of the American people be they rich or poor it is a bad day no matter which party is doing it.

From my point of view the majority of infringements are from the liberal left, the bringers of the PC era, the harbingers of anti-religious zealots. I mean when has the very idea of freedom of speech been under such scrutiny? Mind what you say or you might offend. Can't have that.

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Dec-02-13 2:05 PM

Nice story cheese and I can substitute liberals for any mention of "republican" in your fable or parable as it were.

I do however agree to an extent with the moral of the story. What you fail to realize is many of those "rich" work for a living. Taking away their freedom and money is just the begining yet you are ok with it. As long as it's them rich people.

Now follow your own post. If the government takes from the rich only a fool would not realize it's only a matter of time before they start taking from the next rung of the ladder and the next, and the next.

This is where Obamacare comes in Cheese. It takes from everyone! It increases the divide between rich and poor and type and quality of treatment they can get.

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