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Escanaba has potential for growth

October 25, 2013

ESCANABA — With the right tools, Escanaba has a lot of potential for economic development, especially on its north shore, commented the executive director of the Michigan Municipal League who was i......

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Nov-01-13 9:12 AM

It isn't "just" the young, middle or old. It isn't Democrat, Republican, conservative, extremists or aliens. It isn't the "good old boys" or "new blood" (If anyone cared enough to try). The truth is written by those who don't put a real name (including me) on the articles. Who wants to spend their time working for change if change will be stymied by the chosen few. I dare to dream of a different mindset but awaken every morning to a world where survival for my kin is the only reason I wake. Apropos that Charlie Brown was on last night because his teacher makes more sense to me than this nonsense. Wha-Wha..Wha-Want-Wha-Wha?

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Oct-27-13 1:33 PM

This is a parody of ‘Where’s Waldo”?

But, instead the question should be, or this begs/asks a simple question:

“Where is Square Zero, (0)?

This is the place where Escanaba and other communities and their “OFFICIALS”

have, unwittingly taken refuge,

along with their myriad of “pseudo-advisors”.

"Where's Waldo", has become pas·sé...

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Oct-27-13 1:29 PM

To quote or “rehash” what, you've already read,

the director of the Michigan municipal league, dan gilMarten revealed to “local officials” last Thursday.

(would that the press identify these ‘official’s’ by name and function!)

“WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS, (emphasis added)

Escanaba has a


for economic development, especially on its north shore, commented the executive director of the Michigan Municipal League who was in town Thursday.”

Again, it’s been repeated, ad nauseum, over too many years, the same lines;

(hint: over-and-over),

that Escanaba, the U.P. has


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Oct-27-13 1:27 PM

Unfortunately these


(the people who come to town from at least 50 miles distant)

NEVER have a clue,

nor do they ’CLUE” in our “OFFICIALS’,

(OFFICIALS who ALWAYS remaining anon) nor

do these “experts” share with, or have the remotest idea what these so-called TOOLS are;

what these TOOLS look like, or

what these TOOLS will COST.

Non small wonder, our "OFFICIALS" can't find WALDO, or square "o", no one well tell them!

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Oct-27-13 1:24 PM

Come on people,

ask, TELL, the press,

report something of substance,

(not the usual crowd of orange-clad miscreants, that test the color quality of their cell-phone photos)

ask that our “OFFICIALS” be named and their functionary position of accountability be published by this brain-dead rag,

so that we (they) can move off of square “0”.

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Oct-27-13 1:23 PM


If you act now, in the next 10 minutes...

“we’ll include a free map,

(for just pay handling and shipping charges)

a free map! showing the exact location of where




can amaze and challenge your friends and c0-wokers…

Use this map, impress and show everyone, that

you KNOW where SQUARE zero is;

show fiends, show city "OFFICIALS"

that you’re not just another ignorant

member of the voting public!

Better yet, show "OFFICIALS" where SQUARE ZERO has remained for the last 150 years!


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Oct-27-13 9:42 AM

Well tweedle-dee or is it tweedle-dum piped in with his unconstructive comments.

No reason for the personal attack there frog.

I don't know tailgater but I know I'm a member of the "baby-boomers screwed me group". Todays baby boomers and seniors are the reason we have this problem frog and whiz. You all could not say no to entitlements!

Don't blame the 20, 30, 40 somethings because we're ticked off we have to support every stupid program you all started but couldn't fund yourself. There's more of you all then there is us. If you all couldn't fund it what makes you think less people paying for more people can?

Take the hit and reduce your own lifestyle to fit your situation. Don't ask me to support the lifestyle you lead 20, 30, 40 years ago. You had your fun, now let us live are lives and have what little fun we can afford with the money left us after paying your stupid entitlement benefits.

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Oct-26-13 11:34 PM


why tell the world what is not on your mind, or that you don't have nothing constructive?

best to keep what you don't know, known only to yourself.

readers don't care that you aren't constructive, so why waste space spelling it out for all the country to read?

whizzie, had it right, your a member of the nada, generation, the whiner generation, the add nothing generation, to foozle bam boozle generation,*****you can't even earn enough money to buy whizzies social security payments, or lack the means to earn above the poverty level in you previous life.

you should not be concerned, the rest of us should be concerned that you are whiner, complainer and a lacklustr foozle.

Brevity is your calling as nothing to say is clearly you calling.

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Oct-26-13 1:46 PM

Get Real Fool (s),

Nothing has changed except

backpedaling, backstepping,

backwards thinking,

in the over 85 plus years I have remembering this place.

What have you



Nada, zip, goose-egg, zero.

I’ve seen and forgotten more than your shallow heads could ever absorb.

I’ve worked

longer hour,

harder hours,

longer in my life,

for less money,

earning a better standard of living for my family,

then you will ever attain with your

bogus and mistaken foolspeak for knowledge of





Before your pie-hole spouts fa.rts. you would do well to have walked in my shoes, followed my footsteps, managed with less, and done more, that you'll ever imagine, in your dreams, dry or otherwise!

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Oct-26-13 12:53 PM

Not to mention, Vauche, that Whiz, Frog, Cheese and their buddies want businesses to pay their employees $15 per hour on top of everything else! Our best potential up here is value-added firms that use the natural resources of the U.P. rather than sending them elsewhere to have that value added. Following that, businesses that are not highly dependent on transportation and shipping can locate here where their employees can enjoy our high quality of life and relatively low cost of living. We do have potential in the U.P., but Whiz, Frog and their ilk will continue to be naysayers and do their best to drive a stake through the heart of any positive change that comes along.

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Oct-26-13 10:09 AM

Answer this Whiz and Frog, without tax abatements how would you go about getting any kind of business up to the UP?

Manufacturing faces many hurdles up in the north country. One of which is the end result of getting the product to market. Financial business, oh you would love that wouldn't you, is a no go. There isn't the population or the infrastructure to support it.

How dear Whiz and Frog would you get businesses, not that you want any, up here?

How do you expect someone to pay a wage when you deem it unreasonable that they make money?

How when the cost of doing business is cheaper elsewhere can you expect a business to locate here?

Stop for once your senile ramblings and explain how your theories of the world would actually work. Bring them out of fantasy land and into the real world, please.

Frog, stop repeating Whiz and be original for once.

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Oct-26-13 9:47 AM

Needless to say as long as folks like Whiz and Frog walk this planet in the UP the UP will never realize it's potential.

The idiocy in the claim that once the trees are gone they are gone is a product of a simple mind. Reforestation programs by the logging industry and DNR and private groups are taking place at this time. True, old growth forests will fade, but such is life in nature. Nothing last forever. Further many areas in our forest can use logging practices to reduce the risk and potency of forest fires.

It's the we're for everyone people like Whiz and Frog who claim our greatest potential is in our forests yet object to any use that they deem unworthy, aka ATVs, snowmobiles and the like. If you want forests to drive the economy this is how it will be done.

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Oct-25-13 9:40 PM

Tax breaks

tax abatement

and the promise of jobs,

made by the rich,

their corporations,

and the republicans,

the plutocracy,

the oligarchy,

the aristocracy,





Republicans rape the rest of us with this scheme, along with the rich, and their corporations!

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Oct-25-13 9:25 PM

Greed as a business model,

along with schemes, fraud, shell-games, subterfuge, and pyramids, are easier methods to make wealth piles for some.

No wonder, the U.P. is a backwater today, and has been.

Still, there is


the forests haven’t all been completely cut over…


And there is some water that you can swim in,

unlike beaches in Chicago and downstate troll-ville.

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Oct-25-13 9:23 PM


it was announced that THE government is after fraud issues stemming from Countrywide, now owned as a unit of BOA.

Yesterday J.P. Morgan tentatively brokered a ‘deal’ paying $13 BILLION in penalties, with THE government from charges of fraud stemming from its purchase of WAMU.


it was announced J.P. Morgan has agreed to pay $5.1 billion to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to resolve claims stemming from the housing bubble,

(they prefere to call it a bubble, NOT FRAUD)

federal housing regulators announced.

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Oct-25-13 9:18 PM

The bank has also been in talks with the Justice Department and other government officials

over another potential settlement based on similar claims.

That settlement will likely be even more expensive for the bank.

At issue are claims that J.P. Morgan sold risky mortgages and mortgage securities while misrepresenting their quality.

OF COURSE, all these FINES for white collar CRIMES,

could be pooled to finance, cheap loans for legal americans to start businesses that employ legal Americans,

as long as there are


TAX BREAK SCHEMES for the rich and their corporations!

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Oct-25-13 9:16 PM

Over fifty years ago,

when early studies were conducted about selling the U.P.,

and what sort of “business sense” would make sense here…


that far and away, from any sort of short term


mining, or

lumbering operations…

It would be economically feasible to


on our wilderness association and


to tourists.

But, that was before snowmobiles, jet-skis, and the myriad of motor sport vehicles, and

the desire for peace and quiet only obtainable in the “back-woods” of the U.P.

Nature, peace and quiet and its paucity of it,

is a destination lure nowdays.

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Oct-25-13 9:14 PM

The U.P. has done extremely little,

in the private sector,

to capitalize on our natural resources,

land, water, air, and forests.

Of course there are some who would say,

it’s better to cut our trees,

and leave the crap grow back.

Now he’s got the nerve to buy bumper stickers for a NEW occupation in Washington DC….

Kind of fit’s a pattern...

once the trees are gone!

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Oct-25-13 7:24 PM

So yeah, there's potential up here. There are hurdles to overcome though as well. It isn't just as simple as putting in a mall. Without jobs to support it it wouldn't last long.

I'm not actually sure what Whiz believes the answer to economic woes are. Making business pay more has proven not to improve the economic situation of a city, state, or country.

Big thing for Whiz, the amount the government, local/state/federal, needs is directly related to the number of services the people demand of it. If less people require government services the less government needs to take from the people OR businesses.

Unfortunately there'll always be liberals and they've never met a tax they don't like.

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Oct-25-13 6:58 PM

Only problem with your idea team is you need the primary jobs to support those secondary jobs you are talking about.

What you need is that filthy rich evil corporation that brings in jobs that pay more than minimum wage. You need what Whiz hates, succussful business people. Sit on the couch lazy welfare mommas and daddies and pill popping teens aren't going to entice or create these kinds of companies up here.

What Whiz says is somewhat true. There is an increase in tax revenue through income tax collection. Largely dear Whiz from more people actually working and collecting an income. I would rather, unlike Whiz, have corporations paying little to no taxes over a short time period and decrease unemployment and entitlement expenses than have no corporations and close to 8,9,10% unemployment.

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Oct-25-13 4:41 PM

If we have the potential for growth, then let it grow! quit being stingy with everything, give some property for building away for free if you have to. The tax revenue that you get from allowing more larger businesses to come in, the better. It would be much better than letting the land sit. Why let another auto parts store or another subway come in. What we really need is an outlet mall like in the Milwaukee area. Make Escanaba a destination for the whole U.P. and Northern Wisconsin with name brand outlet stores that nobody has. I guarantee the economy, tax revenue, and jobs will jump. Who cares if they are more part time jobs, at least they are jobs. Bay College would even benefit from this by having students come in because of their cheaper tuition, and more places for a student to work. Our current mall? Even Menards had to pay $30k a month to be there. Who would want to pay those kind of prices?

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Oct-25-13 3:49 PM

Hey whizzywig don't you have thing better to do then live on this website?? You really need to settle down and get a life!!

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Oct-25-13 2:13 PM

Ever since the first permanent white settlement in this area which dates back to 1830, this area has had



Dan GilMartin, isn’t telling us anything NEW, or

one iota of information that we’ve paid $ to hear about in the last fifty years!

He’s just a mouthpiece reciting what many of us have heard for more than 80 or more years.

Since young people are ’reality freaks’….

The reality of the ’situation’ is that any 'potenial' we have had stored to the ceilings with...

this ’potential’ has remained stabile, sterile, paralyzed, immobilized, and in a stated of disorganized chaos for more than a hundred and fifty years.

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Oct-25-13 2:09 PM

The definition of “potential”

out of necessity includes references to the term

latent, or condition of latency.

1) Capable of being but not yet in existence; latent.

2) Having possibility, capability, or power.

And finally “potential” is referred to in physics:

“The WORK required

to move a potential unit,

a magnetic pole, or

an amount of mass from a static or latent point

to a designated point in electric, magnetic, or A gravitational field;

Thus when motivation is applied,

there is the potential for energy, for change.


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Oct-25-13 2:08 PM

Conspicuously absent from all

the “POTENTIAL” (dan gilmartin)

is the lack of motivation, to change “potential” from a latent state,

to a state of energy, that has APPARENTLY been missing since

a) 1830

b) 1900

c) 1925

d) 1950

e) 1975

f) 2000

g) 2013

h) 2014


Don’t greet Escanaba residents with the phrase:

Hey, What’s Happening?

"NOTHING, worth talking about",


“POTENTIALLY speaking“,

But don’t say it too loud,

Someone might get the potential idea…

“Nothing Constructive Here”

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