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Judge denies bail in child torture case

April 20, 2013

ESCANABA — One of two suspects accused of abusing and torturing a 15-year-old Escanaba boy, appeared in court Friday during a motions hearing to consider denying bail for both defendants....

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Apr-24-13 5:20 PM

Ladies and Gents, for the record I never look at the 'agree or disagree' marks on these comments.. often, never mark them myself for just that reason.. It's not a 'scoreboard' - though, I know many here live or die by the comments made.. I don't.. I simply respond.. Ya wanna be rude.. I can be rude.. ya wanna try and sway my opinion, feel free!.. might work, might not.. but when you attack me personally, well.. expect no less yourself.. nor sympathy from me when it happens to you..

Peace, may not be 'fake'.. but I'm very sure your folks don't have that listed on your Birth Certificate.. on mine.. you'll find.. E for Edward, and Stacey, my last name... I consider that an HONEST, not FAKE representation of "ME" here on these forums.. others choose to HIDE.. I do not!.. So, yeah, Peace to ya Brother!.. be kind to animals.. sometimes Humans the dumbest of them all.. out!

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Apr-24-13 7:20 AM


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Apr-24-13 1:54 AM

And EStacey, my name is not fake. That's what I would like and what I believe in.

I would like for everyone on here to make peace and be respectful. Perhaps have a coke:) Coca Cola that is:)

It's bad enough the DP doesn't report the whole truth, but for our small community to be so belittling to one another is another thing.

Peace (not my screen name) be with You All!

I hope the mother and boyfriend can save our tax paying money and face the tune they chose to dance with the Devil with!

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Apr-24-13 1:43 AM

EStacy, Don't stop commenting! Who is HollyS? Scroll is all she has to do! The same with anybody else that don't like the comments made. Agree or disagree.

Kinda actually ironic this is about abuse and the few comments to belittle one falls under that.

Yes, I'm guilty, cause my wife and I had kids and our dogs became our babies. Why there is even a man that takes his dog in a bike basket to shop with him. His dog has a jacket on and has a blanket in the basket. That's a*****of a lot more than I've seen babies and children have on in this area! Even in the winter months!

I swear that some people just have nothing better to do than try to pick, pick, pick! We are all entitled to our opinion and some fought for that FREEDOM! Don't like the channel? Turn it!

And some people just hit the disagree because of the name. Shouldn't those be the ones that need to get a life?

The Lord dislikes a person who has to brag about how they helped those in need.

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Apr-23-13 4:18 PM

As for professing to carry expertise in Mental Health, perhaps that because I've been a patient and counselor for years - folks still seek my counsel - I've raised kids, paid taxes, owned business, married and divorced several times.. 'expert'?... Well, no.. not at all.. You know of a course what an EXPERT is right?.. Well, an 'EX' is a Has been, and 'SPURT' is a drip under pressure.. I'm neither..

Before you tick someone off, walk a mile in their shoes.. that way, when you do tick them off, you'll be a mile away, and you'll have their shoes!..

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Apr-23-13 4:14 PM

Tailgater, go back and read my comments.. y'know I use the word, "we" a lot when I write.. I'm not different than many, but I think I speak for myself when I observe what I see and say something about it.. I don't profess to carry the HERD mentality.. I've been a voice of my own feelings, wants, needs, and desires for many, many years.. and I tend to NOT sway my opinion too far from initial reaction.. unless someone has a more compelling argument.. with facts and logic behind it.. However, all I see here are people telling me to 'shut-up'.. and 'go away'.. Like this was some kind of PIG TROUGH and I wasn't invited.. I've lived a lot of years, more OUT of the Army than IN now.. funny how I'm still 'categorized' that way.. (Thanks Peace2all, Love you too Bro.. er.. gal.. dunno with a fake name like that who I'm talking to).. But in closing my opinion is as valid to me as me allowing anyone else theirs.. I need not ASK for it, I EARNED it!

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Apr-23-13 4:06 PM

Yer Right Peace. they need help, but others need help as well.. and if we treated these people as nearly everyone here wants.. we'd simply SHOOT them in the head, and let the 'other' folks we classify as worthless haul them to the land fill - but of course, if it were YOU to be shot in the head.. you'd want your day in court.. Here I imagine an over paid city lawyer will step up on pro-bono, handle the case to the expectation of the Judicial system and give these people their day in court. But of course that doesn't satisfy the 'pound of flesh'.. and if it were not 'detailed' well here in the Paper, why.. somehow you'd feel cheated of the gore and guts of the story. Denied bail so they wouldn't flee.. Simple proceedure.. but why does the 'reporter' have to sum up the story to date, again.. and yet again, and yet again.. ad nauseum? Simple.. to feed the perverted 'gotta have the details' bunch..

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Apr-23-13 4:00 PM

@HollyS - I'm never amused but always amazed at how 'some' people believe that their opinion is the only one valid enough to make the pages of this forum. I know you mistakenly believe this is a 'hobby' for me, must be for you and you're simply projecting - No, basically I'm doing what you do and that's voice my opinion - you don't have to read it, and quite honestly I don't care. You speak as if you were elected spokesman or something.. so, go back and tell your merry little band of 'deny the other guy his freedom of speech haters' that you failed miserably to 'shut me up'.. Not even your silly comment about my grammer or mannerisms of writing could do that either.. Yer a Failure!.. simple as that.. but then again Most people who seek to belittle or hurt others are... have a nice day!.. I hear a long walk off the pier would be great for you!.. take it!

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Apr-23-13 5:34 AM

Peace2All, you seem upset BUT i bet you dont do nothing for this case besides rant on your computer. Or "send your condolences" ar type some other cheesy BS like you read on the facebook comments when something like this happens.

That outta the way, of course everyone finds this disturbing, but if YOU really wanted a way to help, you could find one but i bet you dont even look. Just tired of reading these fake comments of people acting like they give a sh*t but would rather rant on a computer than actually help...

LOL now my ranting is done, let the hating commence.

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Apr-23-13 4:52 AM

And these freaks need help all right! I have to zero in on Estacy. I love ya MAN! I appreciate your service All The Way! I back you UP!

You know, anybody can make a mistake one time. Crap! Even twice. But that many weeks, months and years? Screw That! Sir, don't compare what this*****did to this child compared to the war you sereved!

Marines go in first, the rest follow.

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Apr-23-13 4:36 AM

Come On! Let's not get so mad at everyone that comment!! Have a drink of coke from Binks or something!

I say, just be glad we are not like these, I don't even have words for them!

Make a difference for this child is all I wanna say! We are AMERICAN'S!

People like EStacy make that possible! Maybe he is having a bad day! I don't know! Let Him Vent! Don't like what the comments say? Move it on over!

Come On! Why can't we come together and HELP this young man? We have enough going on and we don't need more added to it!

Yep! I'm spitten mad at the both of them! How could they?

Reach out and try to help this young man! God will take care of his own mother and her boyfriend!

Estacy, the proof is there! I know what you are saying, but Serving Our Country, being a Vet, when you came back home, how many rooms did you stay in like him? I'm talking you are HOME now, not like there!

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Apr-22-13 4:45 PM

EStacey do us all a favor and stop commenting, please! Find another hobby. Learn to sew or knit. Take an archery class or possibly a vocabulary and spelling one, anything.. Your rants are more than often ridiculous and this one is no exception. There is no question of guilt for these two, but a question of punishment. Everyone is just sickened by what this poor boy has endured for the past four years from these two animals. I know you feel the same way, so why argue to argue. Please use your freedom of speech in another forum :)

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Apr-22-13 4:25 PM

Ya wanna know what 'SICK' is?.. it's the Lynch Mob screaming Hang Em! Hang Em!.. They're no better than dog poo! Everyone in this Country (God Bless America) is 'innocent' until 'PROVEN' guilty.. but in the court of Public Opinion or the Pages of the Daily Press Forum (where folks HIDE their real identity and scream at people and attempt to deny them their ability of FREEDOM OF SPEECH.. that's the SICK!.. These people 'need' Mental Healthcare that's for sure.. But here you've already got them on their way to the gallows BEFORE trial! How many INSANE people are in Hospitals and not Prisons? How many trials were botched because they couldn't find a Jury? - Keep up up you Loud and Rowdy MOB of 'never do no wrong and oh-so Intelligent' uh.. Cristians?.. Naw!.. just a MOB! No PITY on ANYONE.. except yourself..

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Apr-22-13 3:54 AM



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Apr-22-13 3:32 AM

If I was the PA? I'd make sure to bring up Wilson's case number one.

I'd also bring into evidence the people that actually have dogs that care for them. Even a Kennel has more light, air, etc., than this child number two.

And, most people who have a dog or cat have them groomed. How often (He's NOT An Animal!) was he bathed? That's Number three!

What this child endured is almost like the book and a boy called, "it" and it's at your local book store!

No Comments Addressed To My Name, Just Scroll If You Don't Like My Comments!

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Apr-22-13 3:09 AM

And another point, I, We, Never put our four legs ( or Children) in a room without a freakin window!

We were Never Ducked Taped, Nor Our Kids or Dogs! Who does that?

Don't get my point? It's called "Scroll" so try it!

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Apr-22-13 3:02 AM

Point being, This Teen was treated like the Dirt Underneath Ones Feet!

Why? My four Legged Animals live in better condisions than HE Did!

What's wrong with this "Mother" to allow this? What's wrong with everyone else that doesn't have the rage?

These two SOB's better get more than those teenage boys and the animal (beef) abuse!

I brought up the case cause what her Froster Parents did to her, it was tried under Animal Abuse!

Look Up Your History! Some Day, You'll Understand!

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Apr-21-13 7:42 PM

Who are you talking to, Peace? I'm so confused...

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Apr-21-13 6:52 AM

Crap! Google Mary Ellen Wilson! I just had to spill the beans for all the people who know ship about NOTHING!

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Apr-21-13 6:42 AM

Lol! Look up history! Lol! Animal Abuse was before child! You know and will know nothing!

Hint, she was in was in Foster Care at the time, and they went after the Foster Parents with the Animal Abuse Law. Google it.

I gave the name a long time ago when, well, it was a long time ago!

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Apr-21-13 6:03 AM

Wow! Bottom line, my dogs have a 3 windows during the night and day, plus freedom to walk out of a dog door and this child didn't????

My dogs have their own room with windows and a doggie door and this child didn't?


Maybe I'm the sick one that my wife and and I provide for these creatures!

WOops! We have a heart unlike these sick people!

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Apr-21-13 4:49 AM

After DP turns the page, so do I!

I was raised in the 50's and got a good lick on my behind. That was the times. And, I did have it coming to me. I knew the rules and tested the boundaries and got caught!

Raising my own kids we explained why they were being punished and they didn't have to wait for "Daddy" to get home. Act at the time it was being done! The thinking chair, Time out Corner, on and on.

Given that factor, NO Where On GOD'S Green Earth Does, or Did Anybody Have To Endure This Situation What So Ever!

Why didn't she just give him up? Why the abuse?

We are just the type of people that would never squash anything other than a spider or ant or June Bugs!

What's wrong with these two freaks? Where was her, "Motherly" instincts?

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Apr-21-13 4:24 AM

And to think that our dogs get treats, praise, clothes, winter jackets, just to name a few, and this child got duck tape and tarp! Not mention grooming? Those SOB'S!

Bring some frontier justice!

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Apr-20-13 10:07 AM

Send them to the brig and announce why they are there. The end result would be justice. Lowlifes, even in the demented world of convicts.

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Apr-20-13 5:35 AM

Disagree ALL you want!!! Know your facts about abuse!

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