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Upper Peninsula War Memorial in Iron Mountain

March 5, 2014 EDITOR: We do have a beautiful Upper Peninsula War Memorial and Park located at the top of Pine Mountain, but we also have the following concern. more »»

Numbers tell good news at Delta Animal Shelter

February 28, 2014 EDITOR: I am a member of the Delta Animal Shelter. We are a local non-profit, not affiliated with any national organization. All donations stay local and help the local animals in need. more »»

Responders to accident deserve praise

February 28, 2014 EDITOR: As Garden Township supervisor I would like to thank all the volunteers and personnel who responded to the multi-vehicle accident at Garden Corner. more »»

$800 scholarship not wanted for 2014

February 26, 2014 EDITOR: High school students, ninth through 12th grade, in the Upper Peninsula rejected the opportunity to compete in the Annual American Legion Oratorical Scholarship Competition. more »»

Price of hamburger

February 26, 2014 EDITOR: So, what’s the story with the price of hamburger? $3.99 a pound at one store, $4.19 at another. And that was the cheapest. There were more expensive varieties. more »»

Minimum wage hike

February 26, 2014 EDITOR: I have been listening to a lot of discussion on raising the minimum wages. Do you understand that when you raise the minimum wage, everything else will go up. more »»

How do we stop the ‘Obama Machine’

February 20, 2014 EDITOR: How do we stop the “Obama Machine.” On Feb. 1, there was a headline in the Daily Press, that stated “Keystone XL oil pipeline clears hurdle. more »»

Wolves and the DNR

February 20, 2014 EDITOR: “I find it interesting that the federal government spent in excess of $200,000 to protect a farmer’s cattle from wolves. According to the Jan. 2014 AP news article, MLiv. more »»

Give discounts to veterans

February 20, 2014 EDITOR: Last week a number of businesses stated in their ads that they honored veterans. It seems that their “honors” are merely lip service. more »»

Use a local architect

February 19, 2014 EDITOR: I read with interest the article concerning the new plans for the farmers market in Escanaba. I think the improvements would benefit our community. more »»

Community responded to help girl

February 19, 2014 EDITOR: In October, our 15-year-old-daughter, Hayley Brockway, developed Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. more »»

Community reputation must be taken seriously

February 18, 2014 EDITOR: As a member of the Delta County Commission and a proud citizen of this community I felt compelled to try and shed some light on the current situation facing the county. more »»

We must pay the bills or go broke

February 18, 2014 EDITOR: President Barack Obama, The USA, now becoming “G.A.L.S. more »»

Thank you Senator Casperson

February 17, 2014 EDITOR: This letter is in response to a letter written by Catherine Parker printed in the Daily Press on Feb. 7, 2014, titled Restore our right to vote on wildlife management issues. more »»

Seniors get ripped again

February 17, 2014 EDITOR: If I get this right the DNR changed the license fee. It will cost $5 for a base license and $28 for a combination license. more »»

More to the story

February 17, 2014 EDITOR: Knowing the juggling act that the DNR endures with pressure coming from the insurance industry, farmers, sportsman’s clubs, timber industry and licensing, to name a few, i hesitated to write... more »»

Organizations have anti-hunting agenda

February 12, 2014 EDITOR: I must take issue with Catherine Parker’s Letter to the Editor titled “Restore our right to vote on wildlife management issues” First of all, Ms. more »»

Leave my RA alone

February 12, 2014 EDITOR: “In his State of the Union address, President Obama stated his intention to create a plan that will help the average American save more money for retiremen. more »»

Propane prices

February 12, 2014 EDITOR: You can buy 16 pound canisters of propane for $16.95 to $19.95 all over town. You have all seen them at Krist, Walmart, Holiday, Nuggy’s, Menards... you get the idea. more »»

Don’t put them back in office

February 11, 2014 EDITOR: “As we most have heard and seen on the national news for the last few months are government scandals, ACA, NSA, IRS, among other political follie. more »»



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