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Taking away property rights

March 31, 2015 EDITOR: Just what rights do I have with the property for which I paid good money? If this question were asked a century ago the answer probably would have been — anything I wish; do what I want. more »»

Vote ‘no’ on Proposal 1

March 30, 2015 EDITOR: I encourage voters in Delta County to vote “no” May 5 on Proposal 1. This proposal asks voters to increase the state sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent, purportedly to repair the roads. more »»

Don’t vote for tax increase

March 27, 2015 EDITOR: Remember to vote on May 5. To this most people will respond by saying “on what?”. more »»

A scam phone call

March 27, 2015 EDITOR: Last Thursday or Friday a.m., I received a phone call from Jamaica — not positive that it was Jamaica since I did not have my glasses on — nor did I have hearing aids in use. more »»

Business closed

March 27, 2015 EDITOR: I am sad to see another local business has closed its doors due to a number of reasons including the incoming new businesses (Peoples Drug Store. more »»

Behavior at commission meetings

March 25, 2015 EDITOR: At the March 9th Gladstone City Commission meeting, Mr. Nemacheck interrupted me and another resident during public commen. more »»

Is anyone accountable?

March 25, 2015 EDITOR: No matter what the news of the world, the seasons come and go and life goes on! Hopefully for every life snuffed out, new life arrives, filled with hopes and dreams. more »»

Say no to Meijers

March 24, 2015 EDITOR: Last night’s newspaper reported that should Meijer pass all the requirements, jump all the hoops — they will set up shop on the acreage over by Walmart. more »»

Graduation date data misleading

March 19, 2015 EDITOR: As some of your readers may have heard on a local radio station, the state’s school graduation rates for 2013-2014 were recently release. more »»

Highway users should pay for road repairs

March 18, 2015 EDITOR: Re: May 5th ballot on retail sales tax increase In my humble opinion, the May 5 ballot question is highly controversial; and after reading the Detroit Free Press March 1 front page editorial... more »»

Escanaba Area School District buses are safe

March 14, 2015 EDITOR: I would like to respond to the March 2, 2015 Daily Press Article: Bus drivers file lawsuit over alleged discrimination. Without delving into issues that may or not come before a court of la. more »»

Don’t vote for Proposal 1

March 4, 2015 EDITOR: From time to time an article appears in Michigan newspapers titled “How They voted.” Everyone should read it. more »»

Accept people for who they are

March 3, 2015 EDITOR: This letter is in response to the letter from Mr. Richard Dufresne (Daily Press, Letters, Feb. 20). more »»

It’s dangerous to ignore what is going on around us

February 25, 2015 EDITOR: I would like to address your readers concerning a subject which has been in the news a great deal lately and troubles me deeply. more »»

Response to same sex marriage letter

February 25, 2015 EDITOR: Having just read Richard Dufresne’s letter entitled “Same Sex Marriage” it begged a personal response. more »»

February 14 road closings

February 24, 2015 EDITOR: I’m writing in response to the closing of US 2 & 41 from Gladstone to Manistique and Rapid River to Trenary. more »»

Levin and the IRS

February 24, 2015 EDITOR: Great Letter to the Editor by Lynn Hansen concerning our Michigan Sen. Carl Levin. Sen. Carl Levin is a criminal and should be dealt with accordingly. more »»

Proud of our values

February 23, 2015 EDITOR: This bitter cold weather brings the image of Elmer Dagenais, in his 90s, pushing grocery carts in his parking lot. Now that was work ethic. more »»

Who will speak for the birds?

February 21, 2015 EDITOR: The advocates for industrial wind towers do not deny that they kill birds and bats, they only quibble about how many will di. more »»

Same sex marriage

February 20, 2015 EDITOR: We the people of the state of Michigan voted (59 percent) to amend our state constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. more »»



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