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Farm community elections

June 17, 2016 EDITOR: Farmers and Ranchers, it’s that time of year again. The Farm Service Agency’s (FSA) 2016 County Committee Elections begin soon. more »»

15 minutes with ‘The Greatest’

June 8, 2016 EDITOR: One of the real disappointments in life is when great people in your world die, like Jim Henson, Jack, Ted and Robert Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt and a few others that my old brain can’t thin... more »»

School board comment clarification

June 6, 2016 EDITOR: I would like to clarify what I said as the May 16 Gladstone School Board meeting. more »»

Support for Casperson

June 6, 2016 EDITOR: In response to Andy Heller’s column from June 2. Tom Casperson has said exactly how he feels about the transgendered bathroom issue. He has not minced words to make it sound more palatable. more »»

Wind farm tour was educational

June 2, 2016 EDITOR: Recently, my wife and I took advantage of an open house at the Garden Wind Farm to tour their facilities including their solar farm which is scheduled to go on line in July. more »»

Support for Casperson

June 2, 2016 EDITOR: We 100 percent support Sen. Tom Casperson’s transgender bathroom bill. “God created them male and female.” Enough said. more »»

Doctors don’t know everything

May 31, 2016 EDITOR: In her effort to defend Senator Casperson, Dr. Kolinsky seemed to miss the point of my earlier letter. more »»

A soldier’s story

May 30, 2016 EDITOR: Ten helicopters to a lift in the Mekong Delta. Each carried two door gunners, pilot, co-pilot and six infantrymen. They flew at 3,000 feet, above small arms fire. more »»

Counties should unite to build new jail

May 30, 2016 EDITOR: With the deficit of the $19.9 million millage proposal spread over 30 years and costing property owners 0. more »»

Intelligent design

May 28, 2016 EDITOR: I was debating whether to respond to Brian Black’s letter as he seemed angry, and I think it appears it goes way beyond Senator Tom Casperson and proposals. more »»

Transgender non-issue is an issue

May 26, 2016 EDITOR: Transgenders, wow — a hailstorm! Gender-identity — definition: The inner sense of being a man, a woman, both or neithe. more »»

Senator Casperson making stand on LGBT law

May 26, 2016 EDITOR: I would like to commend Senator Casperson on making a stand on the Obama administration’s new law saying that a student from K-12 can use any bathroom or locker room they choose. more »»

Casperson’s ignorance of modern science

May 20, 2016 EDITOR: Tom Casperson’s misguided transgender bill reflects an ignorance of the biology of gender which is much more complex than to assert “God created us male and female,” as Mr. Casperson does. more »»

Junk Casperson’s bathroom proposal

May 19, 2016 EDITOR: How in the world did Senator Tom Casperson come up with the conclusion that he introduce legislation so he can be the enforcement-cop for little children going to the bathroom in Michigan’s... more »»

Student speaks out about proposed cuts

May 19, 2016 EDITOR: My name is Anthony Flath. I am an eighth-grader going to be a freshman next year. I went to the board meeting on May 10 about budget cuts. more »»

Focus on good news

May 19, 2016 EDITOR: In Monday’s paper, May 9, there was a nice picture of Bay College’s graduation and right next to the picture was a article that said “Man exposes self at Bay graduation ceremon. more »»

Setting the Enbridge record straight

May 18, 2016 EDITOR: In response to the article that ran last week in the Daily Press, I want to make clear Enbridge has worked with both the U.. more »»

Why single out Shann?

May 17, 2016 EDITOR: I attempted to visit Mr. Smeester’s site to see if he has solicited and published any vital information from other candidates for state representative of the 108th district. more »»

Lets give everyone credit

May 17, 2016 EDITOR: This is to have all of the people with roots to the U.P. given credit for winning the Hockeyville Tournament for Marquette. more »»

Jail vote: hard-working families tired of high tax burden

May 14, 2016 EDITOR: In response to Administrator Bergman’s assertion in the May 6 Daily Press article that the jail millage was defeated because voters weren’t smart enough to understand the reason behind the... more »»



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